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"Glyphx is here to make your taskbar rock" - an elite Fan

just imagine this background with smooth animated glyphs flowing down! Epic!

Mission statement

When your desktop looks cool, you feel cool, and that's when you do your best hacking. Glyphx is hackers' best prolific productivity utility tool.

We pronounce it as "glyph-ex"

How it makes you uber

Glyphx underlays your transparent taskbar with glyphs from the matrix and cyberspace, this projection makes your monitor emit a certain frequency, these waves infiltrate your brain and boosts your alpha waves, making you a more productive and efficient hacker.

Resource usage

Glyphx uses an average of < 1% CPU. Even with max glyphs and trails. SDL does all the heavy lifting for us. Thank you SDL.NET!


Windows 7 with a transparent taskbar. Read how to make your taskbar transparent.


Glyphx and its source is licensed under the New BSD License.


Thanks to SDL.NET: A set of object-oriented CLS-compliant .NET 2.0 bindings for the SDL multimedia library. (

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